5 Ideas for Something New this Valentine's Day

5 Ideas for Something New this Valentine's Day - Caviar and Cocktails

Are you feeling like you want to do something special this Valentine's Day? Looking for ideas for a date night to remember? Want to treat the one you love to something unusual?

Here are 5 ideas using our Award-Winning Caviar and Premium Pre-Mixed Cocktails for fun and simple ways to celebrate this Valentine's Day.

1. Start the day as you mean to go on

Caviar and egg go so perfectly together we'd eat this every day if we could! But for a fast and luxurious start to the day, fry, poach, scramble or boil your eggs and serve with toast and a spoon of caviar. A breakfast that is out of the ordinary and sure to set the tone for a special day.   Shop Caviar

2.  Planning a delicious meal? Stimulate the appetite with a carefully chosen Aperitif

This is something Mediterranean cultures embrace and would be a relaxing start to your meal. Aperitifs traditionally use bitter, dry flavours with Vermouth, Gin and Dry Wine being the most successful choices. This bitterness works to fire up the taste buds, stimulating the appetite and elevating your enjoyment of the meal. Our Aperitif-worthy pre-mixed cocktails can be viewed here and include Negroni, Americano, Manhattan and Martini. To serve simply chill the pouch in the fridge, shake and pour into a glass over ice. 

3. Have a fun Date Night at Home becoming Caviar & Cocktails Connoisseurs

Pairing food with cocktails is one of the hottest new trends. You can join in with our Caviar & Cocktail pairings. The Russians typically drink Vodka with their Caviar but recently caviar connoisseurs are turning to Gin. Our Valentine's Day gift set is not only a perfect gift idea, it gives you the opportunity to try our caviar with a Vodka and Gin based cocktail to see which you prefer. You can add any cocktails to your gift set but why not try the Vodka Sour and Dry Martini and see whether you are vodka or gin with your caviar. Shop our Limited Edition Valentine Gift Set

4. Impress the one you love with homemade Blinis


We all know caviar and blinis go together perfectly. Did you know Blinis are quite easy to make at home and we promise they are much better if you do. We have a great recipe provided by a celebrity chef that we could share with you. Email info@caviarandcocktails.com to request a copy. We'll be happy to send it out to you.  

Toppings for your blinis? Any of the following work really well: sour cream; smoked salmon; avocado; sliced boiled egg; mozzarella; prawn

5. Make Caviar the main event of a delicious meal

For the adventurous chefs amongst you there are some impressive and intricate recipe ideas on the Adamas Caviar website visit:  Our caviar on the table (adamascaviar.com)

However, the beauty of caviar is that its unique and delicate flavour is best when not overcomplicated. Let quality ingredients take centre stage for a Michelin worthy dish in the comfort of your own home. Why not try a delicious, creamy burrata cheese with a generous serving of caviar, crisp salad, sundried tomatoes and some crusty bread.

For more gift ideas and to view the full range of products head to www.caviarandcocktails.com 






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