Mother's Day Caviar Serving Ideas

Mother's Day Caviar Serving Ideas - Caviar and Cocktails

Sunday 27th March is the date for treating the special women in your lives and our guide to quick and easy caviar serving suggestions is the perfect way to add a touch of glamour and luxury.

 Breakfast in Bed

Egg is one of the easiest ingredients for serving with caviar.  The neutral creaminess of eggs is the perfect base to allow all the complexities of the caviar flavour to really shine out.  You could try adding a spoonful of caviar to a simple boiled egg and soldiers (allow 5-10g of caviar per egg), or serve it on top of scrambled eggs or a plain omelette.  You can further enhance the flavours by serving with some smoked salmon.

For a more substantial brunch, you could fill a croissant with scrambled egg, smoked salmon and top with a generous serving of caviar (allow approximately 30g of caviar per croissant).  A treat that is sure to be remembered!


Afternoon Tea

If you prefer to enjoy your treat later in the day, why not think about an afternoon tea?  Caviar is a great addition to canapes whether you are serving on blinis, toast, crackers or even slices of boiled egg, adding a small spoonful of caviar will add instant luxury.  A really flexible option, there are so many items you could serve alongside your caviar from the traditional ingredients of sour cream and smoked salmon to crayfish, avocado, mozzarella, sliced beef and even raspberries or strawberries for the more adventurous amongst you!  You would probably need around 3g of caviar per serving but of course you can make the caviar go further by having some canapes without caviar too.


Evening Treat

Or for a really easy supper, keep it simple.  Toast, butter and a tin of caviar served with one of our premixed, ready to drink cocktails.  There is always luxury in simplicity.

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