Pure Caviar Tastes Better

Pure Caviar Tastes Better - Caviar and Cocktails

Why is caviar so prized as a food? The answer to this is in part because is has such a wonderfully nuanced flavour with a huge variety of tastes in each mouthful. The delicious aftertaste dances round your mouth delighting your taste buds. It is this aftertaste that is the most enjoyable flavour of any caviar.

At Adamas Caviar we have spent 20 years perfecting our farming and caviar production techniques. We focussed on ensuring the aftertaste in our caviar is as strong as possible and lingers for the longest amount of time. Which is always the best indicator that you have just eaten a great quality caviar.

Throughout the process we have taken steps to maintain the integrity of our caviar. None of which are more important than making sure the water our fish live in is as pure as possible.

Our farm is located inside the Tormo River National Park. This river is famous for its crystal clear water, formed from underground spring water that bubbles to the surface and the river bed is hard granite, not muddy. The water that flows through the raceaway water system on our farm is free from impurities and silt that may affect the taste of the caviar.

Not satisfied with that, we created nursery pools on the farm. When the sturgeon reach maturity they are transferred to these pools, which use 100% underground spring water from our own well. Our spring water is drinking water quality straight from the ground, meaning our fish produce their eggs in pure, spring water.

At no stage do we use any chemicals to treat the water. At the end of the process all water we have used is naturally cleaned using organic, ecological filtration before it is returned to the watercourse. The water we return to the river is as clean and pure as when it arrives, all through natural, ecological methods.

Our commitment to protecting the environment and the highest standards of animal welfare has led to a product that tastes spectacular and wins around the world. We have a full range of sustainability measures on our farm, please contact us info@caviarandcocktails.com to find out more.

Caviar is a delicate product. We aim to remove all impurities that could overshadow its flavour and maintain a natural environment for our fish.

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