How to use Caviar at Christmas

How to use Caviar at Christmas - Caviar and Cocktails

Caviar adds instant luxury to any meal, event or party and is always a popular choice at Christmas and New Year.

Here is our Guide to using Caviar at Christmas.


Caviar has a longer shelf life in the vacuum sealed tins than many people imagine. Check with the company you are buying from but at Caviar and Cocktails all our caviar will have at least a 2 month shelf-life. So you can buy in plenty of time to avoid any issues with deliveries.

It must be kept refrigerated at all times. The colder the better, so try to find the coldest part of your fridge - usually at the bottom of the fridge at the back. And it will be fine to stay there.

Once you open the tin you do need to eat the caviar within 2/3 days. If you are saving some for later just re-seal the tin firmly by hand and put it back in the fridge

How to Serve:

As a general rule you should treat caviar like serving icecream! if it gets warm it will melt and you will lose the texture that is part of the appeal. So serve the caviar as quickly as possible after you take it out of the fridge, or keep the tin on the table in ice. You can buy caviar dishes for this purpose, but if you don't regularly use caviar any dish or plate will be fine, just fill it with ice cubes and sit the tin on top.

How to Enjoy:

The real enjoyment in caviar is the nuanced aftertaste that dances around your mouth when you reach the centre of the egg. You don't want to overpower this with the other ingredients you are serving it with. So, our advice is always keep it simple.

It pairs very well with creamy ingredients like sour cream, egg, mozzarella, avocado or of course with any other fish. Use any of these ingredients to make delicious canapes to welcome guests when they arrive or for a luxurious Christmas or New Year's Eve supper.

Adding caviar as a garnish to a fish course or starter adds a wonderful depth of flavour to the dish, and the earthy, nutty aftertastes really help to ground the flavours.

Buying Caviar as a Gift

Caviar is an excellent gift to buy for the difficult to buy for people on your list! Food lovers are always glad to receive a treat they may not buy themselves and any meal with caviar will always be memorable.

Due to the need to keep refrigerated you will need to be careful with how you gift. At Caviar and Cocktails we offer a gift delivery service, at no extra cost. We can ship the gift to your recipient on your behalf and include your gift message so they receive the caviar chilled and can put it straight into the fridge.

Alternatively our caviar gift boxes all come with a re-useable ice pack so you can refreeze that ready for when you want to give your gift. Shop Gift sets


Other Questions?

Our friendly and knowledgeable team are always on hand to help with any questions you might have and are only an email away.

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