How to Choose which Caviar Variety is Right for Me

How to Choose which Caviar Variety is Right for Me - Caviar and Cocktails
Caviar is eggs from the Sturgeon fish, but did you know there are 27 breeds of Sturgeon and each produces a caviar with its own unique characteristics? How to decide between the different options available depends on 3 main factors: how strong you like the flavour, what budget you have available and what you are planning to do with the caviar.

Here we introduce the 3 most commonly found Caviar types in the UK and provide a little more information about each of them.

Acipenser Baerii or Siberian Sturgeon

Adamas Baerii Caviar winner of a Great Taste Award

This is a caviar that has grown rapidly in popularity since sturgeon farming became a more common practice. The easiest of the fish to farm and the quickest to reach maturity, the Acipenser Baerii sturgeon will be around 8-10 years old when it produces its eggs.

The eggs are generally smaller than other varieties and usually dark in colour. The flavour of this caviar is milder, usually with a mellow, creamy aftertaste. It is a great place to start your caviar journey and always scores extremely highly in focus group testing. It is the one we describe as the one you can't go wrong with.

It is a great option for large volume events also. The exceptional price to quality ratio means you can have a full caviar experience even when catering for large numbers. It is great for adding to canapes, garnishing dishes and as a topping to sushi.

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Acipenser Gueldenstaedtii or Oscietra Caviar

Adamas Premium Oscietra Caviar winner of 3 Star Great Taste Award
The Oscietra, or Osetra, Caviar is one of the original Caspian sea varieties that was commonly enjoyed in the old USSR states. A caviar with a strong heritage, it is no longer allowed to be fished from the Caspian Sea but is widely available from leading sturgeon farms around the world.

This caviar has many different forms and varies a from batch to batch. Sometimes the eggs will be light in colour with shades of yellow and amber, sometimes it will take on a light grey colour more like a Beluga and sometimes it is darker. The egg size should be large around 2.8 mm and whatever the colour, the distinctive Oscietra flavour should always be enjoyed. Our Premium Oscietra is a truly exceptional example of this caviar, as demonstrated by its 3-Star Great Taste Award this year. The shining star in our range, when you enjoy this caviar it should start with a briny taste of the ocean and melt into a nutty earthiness with so many nuanced tastes that really dance around the palate.

If caviar is the main event of the meal we would recommend this caviar. Its strong, perfectly balanced flavour is its overwhelming feature and even renowned caviar connoisseurs are always impressed.

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Huso Huso or Beluga Caviar

Probably the most famous Caviar variety - most people could name Beluga as a type of caviar. This is the undisputed King of Caviar. A Huso Huso sturgeon will not reach maturity for more than 20 years, so this caviar commands a very high price point.

The Huso Huso sturgeon were historically from the Caspian Sea and this is the most widely found variety along the Persian gulf. These huge monsters of the sea are the world's largest freshwater fish species. The eggs they produce are large in size - usually over 3.2 mm and typically a light grey colour.

The flavour is strong, unique and embodies perfectly the 5th of the basic flavours - Umami. For a special occasion Beluga Caviar is truly a treat to always remember, it really is the ultimate luxury food.

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