Why we pair Caviar & Cocktails

Why we pair Caviar & Cocktails - Caviar and Cocktails

The combination of caviar and cocktails is a classic pairing that has recently seen a growth in its popularity. But did you know that the two were first brought together in the 1920s? It was during this time that caviar began to be served as an accompaniment to cocktails, and it soon became a popular way to enjoy the luxurious delicacy.

The History

The origin of serving caviar with cocktails is attributed to the famous Parisian restaurant La Coupole. In 1925, the restaurants manager, Henri de Sauze, started combining caviar with vodka and other spirits. This combination quickly caught on and spread throughout Europe and America.

By the 1940s, caviar had become a staple at cocktail parties with caviar canapés being the ultimate accompaniment to add luxury, decadence and prestige to the evening.

But why pair Caviar and Cocktails?

The complementary flavours of the two ingredients combine so well to create a complex flavour profile that can't be achieved by either ingredient on their own. The briny, rich taste of caviar is balanced by the crisp, dryness of a well-crafted classic cocktail. The ice cold cocktail acts as a palate cleanser to allow you to truly savour all the nuanced flavours of the caviar without any distractions. Whilst the umami of the caviar also helps to enhance the flavours in the drink.

The combination of caviar and a classic cocktail also creates a sharp contrast in textures. The smooth texture of the caviar pairs perfectly with the sharp, acidic bite of a strong cocktail. 

Caviar and cocktails has become a timeless pairing that we want our customers to enjoy today. So, the next time you want to impress your guests, dont forget to add a little Caviar & Cocktails!

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